Can I Charge a Late Fee?

Late Fees Almost all residential leases contain a provision for late fees if rent is not paid on time, but are these fees allowed under Ohio law? Ohio Revised Code section 5321.06 provides that a lease may include any provision governing the rights and obligations of the parties that are not inconsistent with or prohibited

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There is No Such Thing as Free Rent

The Ohio Court of Appeals held earlier this month that a Tenant’s failure to pay rent after being given notice of the Landlord’s decision to terminate his month to month tenancy qualifies as an independent reason to immediately begin an eviction proceeding. In Denney v. Carrol (2015 Ohio 1693), the landlord provided the tenant with

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Do I need a rental Permit?

The Cincinnati Metro area has over 30 municipalities on the Ohio side alone. Which means it is likely that if you are renting multiple properties in the area, at some point you are going to cross from one municipality into another. Why does crossing a municipal line matter? Because each municipality has its own set

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Attorney Fees Disallowed

First Appellate District upholds ban on Attorney’s fees in evictions In the case KGM Capital, LLC v. Jackson, the First Appellate District of Ohio (covering Hamilton County) found that the trial court made a reversible error by awarding the landlord attorney fees even though the lease agreement had a provision that allowed for the taxing

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Setting a Security Deposit and Chapter 5321

R.C. 5321.16 and its role in setting a security deposit. Security deposits serve several important roles for landlords. First, it ensures that you have access to funds if a tenant breaks the lease or damages the property. Second, it incentivizes a tenant to return the property in the same condition he or she received it

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